Cougartron ProPlus

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Breakthrough Technology for Cleaning, Polishing & Etching Stainless Welds & Surfaces

    “More Power, Less Weight”

Cougartron ProPlus delivers a unique combination of electricity, heat and chemistry for superior weld cleaning, surface polishing and etching. The ProPlus’ conductive brush produces an electro-chemical weld cleaning action that’s better, faster and safer.

This is the machine you need to clean MIG and TIG welds. The ProPlus even has enough power to clean aluminium.

CougarSense is the secret to the ProPlus’ power and reliability. This proprietary digital system combines with rock-solid components to deliver:

  •     300°C brush compared to 100°C for traditional sock machines
  •     Intelligent electronics: consistent power and uninterrupted production
  •     Unique touch-control user interface/power readout: easier and faster

Using the extension leads, you can reach upto 16m (52 feet) with the ProPlus! 



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