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Our Newest Partner, PFERD, Look at Safer Methods of Operation

Our latest partner, PFERD, is at the forefront of delivering innovative, high-performance, and forward-thinking solutions and have recently undertaken a study to focus on minimising vibration exposure associated with various tools, particularly emphasising low vibration products.

Hand-arm vibration (HAV) is a widespread hazard for employees in many industries and occupations, and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) outlines what an employer’s duties are (under the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005) to control risks to employees’ health and safety from exposure to HAV, and to prevent HAV-related diseases such as hand-arm vibration syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome. Failure to manage these risks properly leads to employees being harmed by incurable damage the blood vessels, nerves and other soft tissues in the hand and lower arm.

To reduce exposure to vibration, focus was needed on the amount of vibration emitted by a tool in use, whilst at the same time, minimising the time to complete the task. The HSE guidelines refer to this as the Vibration Magnitude and the Trigger Time.

PFERD, along with two other organisations, measured the vibration magnitude and Trigger Time resulting from the use of a single grinder (FEIN WSG 17-125P) with 2 types of grinding consumable including the PFERD CC Grind Robust disk.

For the Vibration Magnitude test, a Svantek SV106 six channel human vibration meter and Analyser was used in accordance with BS EN ISO 5349-2 & BS EN ISO 8041 (Calibration date: 24.02.23). The operative performed surface grinding on a mild steel plate.

For the Trigger Time Test, a latest generation HAVi+ Trigger Time and HAVi watch were used to accurately record the vibration exposure.

The study results revealed that utilising consumables specifically designed to minimize vibration, such as the CC Grind Robust disk provided by PFERD, has the potential to markedly decrease the adverse effects on employees using vibrating power tools. Additionally, this tool can substantially enhance productivity by reducing the time required to accomplish the task.


Click here to read the full report or contact General Welding today to purchase a PFERD CC Grind Robust disk.