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Cutting high tensile steel sheets used to be a problem because they are extremely hard to cut and the edge zone tends to overheat because of the high temperatures. The thinnest cutting disc to date was thus developed for an angle grinder, the XT8 EXACT. Its small width reliably prevents overheating at the edge zones – e.g. of galvanised parts. What’s more, lacquer discolorations, material distortion, flying sparks, dust and heat are reduced to a minimum. Features that make the XT8 EXACT a genuine precision specialist for demanding repair work.

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The XT8 EXACT demonstrates and convinces through outstandingly smooth running, resulting in optimum handling. Its exceptional precise, clean and almost burr-free cut reduces reworking to almost zero. Even extremely hard materials such as spring steels, stainless steel sheets, etc. are easily cut by the 0.8 mm thin disc. Much harder and stronger than conventional cutting discs, its narrow cut also means that hardly any contact pressure is needed, making for noticeably easier work.

Material Applications

  • Rust- and acid-proofed steels
  • High-alloyed steels
  • High tensile steels
  • High tensile metal sheets
  • Plastic laminated metal sheets
  • Varnished metal sheets

Product Advantages

  • Precise cut
  • Minimum development of burrs
  • Few sparks
  • Very high cutting speed
  • Long lifetime
  • Very cool cut
  • High side stability
  • Low odour

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