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Up to now face grinding was not allowed with an abrasive cutting disc. The safety specifications for lateral resilience as set out in DIN N12413 were not usually met by thinner cutting disc widths. There was a risk of the discs breaking if the outer fabric was damaged. The challenge was to develop a disc that offers all the advantages of an extra-thin disc but can still be used for subsequent grinding work. The CROSS is only 1.9 mm thick and is the first extra-thin cutting disc that CAN be used for light grinding!

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The XT35 CROSS for the first time allows the combination of cutting and grinding work in one operation – and is only 1.9 mm thick! Its 3 full-surface fabric layers ensure a strong reinforcement and extremely high side stability. By simply changing the angle of application, grinding work such as burr removing, chamfering and dressing can be carried out directly after cutting without changing the machine or disc.

Material Applications

  • Rust- and acid-proofed steels
  • Hardened steels, high-alloyed steels
  • Tool steels
  • Structural steels
  • High tensile metal sheets
  • Varnished metal sheets
  • Galvanized parts
  • Hardox

Product Advantages

  • Combined working
  • Low development of burrs
  • Fewer sparks
  • High cutting speed
  • Very long lifetime
  • High stock removal
  • Short cutting times
  • Comfortable cutting behaviour
  • Efficient

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