TIG Welding Torches ABITIG® GRIP Little 90 – 260

TIG Welding Torches ABITIG® GRIP Little 90 – 260

After having been welcomed by TIG welders all over the world for many years, the ABITIG® GRIP Little product range provides perfect access and optimum handling and now has been extended by adding the ABITIG® GRIP Little 90 as well as the ABITIG® GRIP Little 180 W torches.

The new ABITIG® GRIP Little 90 and 180 W torches with their small, ergonomic handle are the ideal solution in cases of particularly restricted access or demanding quality requirements.

Nobody has to do without the well-known benefits of this torch series.

Arguments speaking for themselves:

Ergonomic “GRIP” handles for a reliable grip and a perfect feel
Modular switching and control functions in the handle – personalised and user-friendly
Excellent HF security
Lightweight and flexible cable-hose assemblies with modular connectors to most standard TIG welding equipment at the machine end
Optimised service life due to a significantly larger current and process temperature transfer area
Reduced stocking requirements – just three spare parts

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TIG Welding Torches ABITIG® GRIP Little 90 – 260



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