Quick Clamp Weld Head

The Magnatech Quickclamp weld heads are designed to make pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting welds. They are “full function” – with the capability of reproducing all the precise motions of a skilled welder. A continuously adjustable clamp eliminates the need to interchange components when changing pipe sizes. Simply slip the head over the pipe and clamp with a toggle lever. The Quickclamp heads improve productivity by increasing duty cycle, reducing repair rates, and producing welds of consistent quality.

Chain drive system guarantees long life time
Rugged design
Easy torch angling for fillet/socket welding

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  1. Multipass welding of tubes and pipes in all gravity positions
  2. Uses economical standard 1 kg (2 lb.) wire spools
  3. Full function capability: torch rotation, filler wire feed, electronic arc gap control (AVC), electronic oscillation
  4. Push button clutch for rapid cable unwind
  5. Water-cooled 300 amp torch uses standard components
  6. Heat tolerant steel bearings and chain drive
  7. Socket Welding Kit and Tilt AVC for angled torch applications



Multi-pass orbital GTAW pipe-to-pipe, pipe-to-fitting

Pipe (tube) OD size range

25 – 89 mm (1.0” – 3.5”) 60 – 168 mm (2.375” – 6.625”)

Filler wire module

Wire size: 0.8, 0.9, 1.0 mm (.030, .035, .040”)
Max. speed capability: 2540 mm/min. (100 IPM)

Oscillation module

Max. oscillation stroke amplitude: 16 mm (0.625”)
Max. oscillation speed: 1520 mm/min. (60 IPM)
Oscillation dwell: 0-1 second
Cross seam adjustment: ± 6.4mm(± 0.25”)

Arc gap control module

13 mm (0.5”) stroke. Additional mechanical adjustment allows welding heavier wall pipe

Torch propulsion module

0.1 – 1.8 rpm 0.05 – 0.9 rpm

Water-cooled torch

200 A continuous

Torch adjustment capability

Torch lead/lag adjustment: ± 15 degrees (manual)
Torch tilt adjustment: ± 10 degrees (manual)

Cable length

7.6 m (25’) standard. Extension cables available

Power supply compatibility

Pipemaster 515, Pipemaster 516

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