Optrel weldCap 9-13 BUMP

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Optrel weldCap 9-13 BUMP

On demand of variuous professional welders: the weldcap® new with integriated bump cap according to EN812/A1.

The revolutionary optrel weldcap® RC 3/9-12, that combines the comfort of a baseball cap with the advantages of an automated welding helmet (ADF), is now available in a new extended version: the optrel weldcap® bump RCB 3/9-12.

Where at normal ADFs the head is only protected in parts, the weldcap® bump now offers a complete protection of the upper head part against painful strikes. Even more, the bump cap gives the weldcap an additional stability and a safety feeling like a full face helmet to the welder, without getting noticeably heavier.

The easy to remove textile part is made from washable and non-flammable material. You can buy it separately, which means you can turn any existing weldcap® into a weldcap® bump and vice-versa.

Dr. Ramon Hofer Kraner – Head of R&D: „With the weldcap® bump we extended the scope of application of the weldcap® measurably. With the bump cap it’s also fitting welders’ needs about higher safety standards“.

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Optrel weldCap 9-13 BUMP


Weld Cap  Bump

Weld Cap Hardhat

Weld Cap Standard

Technical Data

Power supply
2 pcs LI-batteries 3V exchangeable (CR2032)
No need to switch on-off.
Viewing area
Viewing angle downwards: +37°
Viewing angle sidewards: +25°
Operating time batteries
1000 h
Wide angle detection sensor
Light transmittance
Ultraviolet/infrared protection (maximum at any shade setting)
Visible range activated shade level DIN 9-12
Visible range not activated shade level DIN 3
Switching time
Light to dark at room temperature: 0.16 ms
Light to dark at 55°C / 131°F: 0.110 ms
Dark to light
Classification EN 379
Optical class = 1
Scattered light = 1
Homogenity = 2
Angular dependence = 2
Classification EN 175
F (45m/s impact resistance)
Shape stability
Welding mask up to 180°C / 356°F
Front cover lens up to 135°C / 275°F
Grinding mode
Shade level DIN 3
Rigid plastic face shield and flame retardent textile according to EN ISO 11611 (Class 1) and EN ISO 11612 (Class A/B1/C1/E3/F1)
Operation temperature
-10°C to +60°C / 14°F to 158°F
Storage temperature
-20°C to +80°C / -4°F to 176°F
Weight Helmet cpl.
approx. 400g
2 years (except textile cap and batteries)

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