Optrel E640

Optrel E640
The entry-level expert helmet.

Thanks to the extremely high quality filter and use of the expert helmet shell, the welder benefits the standard DIN 10 and DIN 11 function plus comfort and protection benefits.

The welder can adjust the shade level to suit his requirements using the slide switch on the rear of the filter. It can be set to either DIN 10 or DIN 11. The detection angle for ambient light can also be adjusted using the sensor bar.

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Optrel E640

Technical Data

Size of darkening filter/field of vision
 90 x 110 x 7 mm/38 x 98 mm
Eye protection
Maximum UV & IR protection with every shade level setting
Classification according to EN379
Classification according to EN175
B (120m/s impact resistance)
Time taken to switch from light to dark
0.4 ms at room temperature
0.1 ms at 55 °C
Time taken to switch from dark to light
0.2 – 0.3 s
Energy supply
Solar cells and batteries, no need to switch on and off
Working temperature
–10 °C to +70 °C
Total weight
460 g
3 years

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