Optrel e3000 Air Fed PAPR System with LiteFlip Autopilot PAPR Headtop / 20 Hr Battery

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Optrel e3000 PAPR System supplied with the LiteFlip Autopilot Headtop

20 Hr Battery Included

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Highest respiratory protection as well as maximum comfort make your welding process even more productive and cost-efficient
The innovative Swiss technology venture optrel AG launches a new power air respiratory system e3000. It delivers highest respiratory protection as well as maximum comfort which in turn makes your welding process more profitable.

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Millions of welders all over the world trust in eye protection from Optrel for safety, comfort and efficiency during the welding process. With a welding mask from you get a maximum in comfort and the optimum protection at the same time.

General Welding is an authorised supplier of Optrel helmets to have been awarded Gold Partner status by Optrel. Our range of Optrel which you can purchase directly on the site, or if you would like to discuss the perfect helmet for your requirements please contact our experienced team today on 0151 420 6900 or view our Optrel comparison guide.