Manual Tube Bender (RDB-25)

The RDB-25 manual tube bender is the perfect machine for those hobbyists that need to bend tube on a budget. It is made from a sturdy cast iron frame and can be bench or pedestal mounted. The RDB-25 from Baileigh Industrial was designed to bend the most common sizes of tubing on safe centerline radii to ensure great looking bends.

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This manual tubing bender comes standard with the following round tube die sets:

Imperial Metric
3/8″ OD x 2″ CLR 9.5mm OD x 51mm CLR
1/2″ OD x 2.25″ CLR 12.7mm OD x 57mm CLR
9/16″ OD x 2.5″ CLR 14.3mm OD x 64mm CLR
5/8″ OD x 3″ CLR 15.8mm OD x 76mm CLR
3/4″ OD x 3.5″ CLR 19.1mm OD x 89mm CLR
7/8″ OD x 4.25″ CLR 22.3mm OD x 108mm CLR
3/4″ Square x 3.75″ CLR 19.1mm Square x 95mm CLR
1″ Square x 4.25″ CLR 25.4mm Square x 108mm CLR

Also included is a handy carry case, which allows the bender to be stored when not in use.

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