Manual Coldsaw (CS-250EU)

If you are looking for a great coldsaw that won’t break the bank, look no further than the CS-250EU from Baileigh Industrial. The CS-250EU coldsaw is a manually operated 10″ circular coldsaw, built for medium scale production, seen in most small fabrication shops, but what makes the CS-250EU unique is that is also portable. Powered by a 220 volts, 50hz, single phase power that is readily available anywhere, the base of the CS-250EU is removable and what is left is a self-contained unit ready to make great cuts anywhere.

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The rigid, fully cast iron head of the CS-250EU has a self-contained coolant tray that holds the flood coolant system that is standard on this model. The CS-250EU has a 254mm (10″) blade that runs at 54rpm, perfect for most metals. The maximum capacity of the CS-250EU is 76mm (3″) round at both 90° and 45°.  The vice features a cam lock device for fast loading and unloading of material. The vice also supports the material on both sides of the blade, ensuring a burr free cut.

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