Manual Bandsaw (BS-210M)

The BS-210M horizontal bandsaw from Baileigh Industrial will be a great performer in your shop and will quickly become one of your favorite machines. A good mix of features and benefits, plus an outstanding price make this saw a winner. Since it only requires 230 volt, 50hz, single phase to operate, it can be used anywhere, from small to large machine shops, or even in the garage at home. The BS-210M has a maximum capacity of 171mm round at 90° and has a head that can mitre around to 60°.

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Key features on the BS-210M include an infinitely variable speed from 20mpm to 85mpm through he use of an AC inverter. This will allow the operator to increase cut quality and blade life. The BS-210M also has an option for the operator to control the descent one of two ways; manually using a trigger switch and handle, or it can be switched over to a hydraulic descent feature normally seen on more expensive models. When using the hydraulic descent feature you can control the descent pressure for perfect cuts and can walk away from the machine, which will automatically stop the blade once the metal is finished being cut.

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