Manual Bandsaw (BS-128M)

The BS-128M bandsaw from Baileigh Industrial is perfect for home shops or hobbyists. However, despite the BS-128M being an economical saw, it doesn’t mean it is short on features. The BS-128M can either be run as a standard horizontal pivot style bandsaw, or as a vertical bandsaw, by lifting the head 90° and locking it into position.

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More features on this machine include a hydraulically controlled descent, a 60° mitering head, and bearing blade guides, along with an easily portable work stand.

Despite its size, the BS-128M bandsaw can still contend in the capacity department, it can cut up to 127mm (5”) round stock at 90°, and up to 152mm (6”) rectangle, plus a number of other profiles and shapes. It also allows for the choice of three blade speeds via a step pulley, a feature not seen on any other saw in this price range.

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