Kemppi Minarctig Evo 200 Ready to Weld Package. Includes 4 mtr Tig Torch & Earth Cable. 230v

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MinarcTig Evo is just what you would expect from a Kemppi Tig welding machine. Accurate and refined HF ignition and the necessary control, power and work capacity to reliably complete a variety of professional welding tasks. MinacTig Evo is an ideal DC Tig welding solution for light industrial manufacturing, installation, repair and maintenance applications. The lightweight and compact size is a real bonus for welding professionals on the move.

MinarcTig Evo models include large LED metering displays and feature a range of functions including pre and post gas time control, slope current time controls and remote control options, MLP models are equipped with additional functions including Minilog control and semi-automatic arc pulse function. MinarcTig Evo is a dual-process machine that also provides quality MMA welding for a range of DC electrode types.

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  • 200 A DC @ 35% duty cycle, 1-phase, 230
  • Smooth welding quality
  • Refined arc ignition from 5A
  • Pre and post gas timer
  • Slope in/out timer
  • Torch switch latching
  • MLP and Pulse welding option
  • Remote current controls options
  • PFC technology for ultimate energy efficiency
  • Kemppi 2 year warranty
  • 4 mtr torch

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