Kemppi MasterTig 3003 MLS AC/DC with Mastercool 30 Water cooler, 415v

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MasterTig MLS ACDC offers TIG welding professionals the necessary control to meet their exacting needs. Whatever the application, enjoy the performance. MasterTig MLS ACDC is a precise aluminium welding specialist that suits all welded materials. Modular design allows you to build the package that best suits your needs.

It is possible to use these machines with any type of current: AC, DC+ and DC-. In addition, the MIX TIG function is also available, i.e. a combination of AC and DC.

The ACX control panel includes all the features of the basic panel, but you also receive several functions that simplify and speed up welding.

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  • MicroTack™ is a very fast and efficient tack welding function
  • Pulse features: long pulse and synergic pulse
  • The 4T LOG function makes it easy to start and stop welding
  • Minilog function enables you to switch between two current levels during the welding just by pressing the torch switch
  • he memory function enables easier use of previously used settings
  • Memory channels can be used to store user-specific settings

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