Kemppi MasterTig 3000 MLS Power Source with MTL Panel Option, 400v CE 3ph

£2,800.00 exc VAT

MasterTig MLS 3000 sets the standard for industrial TIG welding. Precise and refined welding quality for workshop or site use, MasterTig MLS 3000 has become an industry standard, offering the necessary performance in a lightweight and portable design.

Package Includes

  • Kemppi MLS 3000 Power Source 415v
  • Kemppi MTL Function Panel
  • Kemppi Global 3 year parts and labour Warranty

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A popular choice for the welding professional, offering choice 300 A power source, delivering 30% duty cycle performance at the maximum stated output current. We also give you an option to choose from 4 different control panels (MTL/MTX/MTM/MTZ), allowing you to select exactly the parameter control that’s right for your welding application.


  • DC TIG and Stick (MMA) power output
  • Compact size ensures effortless mobility
  • Excellent ignition quality, even with long TIG torches
  • Quick pulse function increases welding speed and quality
  • Suitable for use with power generators
  • Modular water cooler option
  • Remote current control options including hand, on torch and foot controls

MTL control panel contains all the basic features required for DC TIG and MMA welding. Examples of MTL panel functions:

  • Precise HF or contact ignition selection for TIG welding
  • Pre-gas and post-gas control
  • Torch operating mode selection (2T/4T)
  • Remote control and setup options
  • Welding current upslope and downslope control
  • MMA Ignition pulse control and gas test
  • MMA Arc dynamics control.
  • Control panel options (MTL/MTX/MTM/MTZ) suit different needs

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