Inert GAS Guard

The Model 301-Inert Gas Guard Regulators
are designed to connect to an existing
flowmeter, flowmeter regulator or to a
wire feeder. Available
with or without a gauge.

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Harris  Inert  Gas  Guard  Regulators  are  designed  to
save shielding gases in two ways.
First,  Inert  Gas  Guard  Regulators  reduce  the  gas
surge when a MIG gun or TIG torch is activated. The
gas  surge  is  created  by  excess  pressure  trapped  in
the supply hose between the pressure control
system and the valve or solenoid. Inert Gas Guard
regulators  lower  the  excess  pressure  on  the  supply
hose and reduce the surge or gas waste when the gas
system is activated.
Secondly, Inert Gas Guard Regulators deliver a more
controlled flow rate. Operators tend to set shielding
gas rates much higher than necessary for a welding
operation. Inert Gas Guard Regulators can be set to
deliver the precise amount of flow for the
operation, eliminating this needless waste of
shielding gas.



Flows up to 80 SCFH.

Compact, rugged design.

One piece, encapsulated seat design.

Adjustable, fixed, fixed maximum or fixed locked flow rates.

3-year warranty.




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