Harris US-L20-1R

Description: Two-Gas Cabinet Style Blender System

Harris Model US-L20 variable ration gas blenders are designed to create a precise mix of welding shielding gases from pure gas cylinders. The gases are mixed in a proportion defined by the user with the turn of a single knob. The mixed gas is then distributed to the welding machines through the pipeline.

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  • Ar/CO2 variable ratio up to 100%
  • Ar/O2 variable ratio up to 25%
  • Outlet shut off valve included
  • Ar/CO2 max flow rate – 700 SCFH
  • Ar/O2 max flow rate – 425 SCFH
  • Connections – 1/2″ NPT
  • Receiver Tank – 5 gal. w/relief valve
  • 36″ Flexible hoses and connection hardware to tank included
  • Accuracy +/- 2%
Part Number Model Number Capacity Gas Inlet Outlet
4302070 US-L20-1R Heavy Duty Argon
Carbon Dioxide
1/2 NPT 1/2 NPT

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