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In heavy industries such as welding and fabrication, it is extremely common for oxy-fuel gas equipment to be used for many different applications.

General Welding Supplies (NW) Ltd (GWS) take great pride in being considered a responsible, safety orientated supplier to all of our clients. With this in mind, please take a few moments to consider the below points which as a company we feel it important that you are aware of:-

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The British Compressed Gas Association (BCGA) governs the use of oxy-fuel gas equipment under the CP7 Code of Practice, titled The Safe Use of Oxy-Fuel Gas Equipment (Individual, Portable or Mobile Cylinder Supply).


  • Within the scope of the CP7 regulations it is noted that “Under the Health and Safety at Work Act, employers and self-employed people need to take appropriate steps to ensure that risks, particularly risks from inadequate maintenance, are properly controlled.


  • Annual inspections & documentation of your gas systems should be carried out by a fully trained Gas Inspector and advised maintenance, or preventative actions should be carried out following these inspections.


  • The maintenance & written records of oxy-fuel equipment is a LEGAL REQUIREMENT required under the Health and Safety Executive’s, Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000.


At GWS, we have fully qualified, competent gas inspectors who can visit your premises and carry out an inspection to ensure that your company is conforming with all of the above, and offer an installation service following an inspection.


For further information please contact our Gas Inspector,


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