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Welding workshops, especially those specialized in heavy contract manufacturing, need reliable multi-process welding, including MIG/MAG welding with pulse capability and stick welding, for various applications where high productivity, quality, and flexibility are desired.

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  • Kemppi ARC System 3 compatibility: easy and exact production and quality management
  • Save filler metal – the high energy density of the arc allows narrower grooves to be used with WiseFusion
  • More efficient welding – utilize up to 30 % faster travel speeds with WiseFusion
  • Up to 25 % lower heat input, fewer deformations, and less straightening work with WiseFusion
  • Less spatter equals fewer repairs and lower post-welding costs
  • Light mechanization enabled with MagTrac welding carriage compatibility: up to 5 times faster than fully manual welding
  • Easy to keep welding parameters inside WPS tolerances with the arc voltage measurement
  • Focused arc with WiseFusion – smaller weld pool size – easier to weld in all positions
  • SuperSnake subfeeder offers the best reach on the market, up to 30 m
  • Inverter technology alone can save up to 40 % of energy

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