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The industrial multi-process welding solution in modular format. The Kemppi FastMig M Synergic is a combination of modularity and ease of use, suiting to wide-ranging industrial welding applications. Strong duty cycle performance plus compact, lean dimensions and weight, increases your productivity and worksite mobility.

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  • Increased welding speed, penetration, quality, and ease of use with WiseFusion.
  • WisePenetration application software delivers consistent power to the weld pool regardless of distance changes and deviations between the welding gun nozzle and work piece, reducing welding defects and parameter adjustments
  • Modular design in both hardware and software provides endless process solutions and choice, increasing equipment efficiency and utilization across a wide range of demanding industrial applications
  • Excellent and unique distance and access solutions, SuperSnake GT02 sub feeder, providing wire feeding up 25 m from the wire feeding cabinet and allowing up to 60 m distance welding from the FastMig M power source.
  • FastMig M control cable technology typically saves 50 % of failure repairs and costs due to the lower cores count.

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