Drill Press Variable-Speed High-Speed (DP-1250VS-HS)

The DP-1250VS-HS is a high-speed version of the DP-1250VS from Baileigh Industrial. The reason for the high-speed is to allow any shop to enjoy the process of thermal friction drilling. This is a unique process in which a specially designed drillbit melts the material, creating inner walls that can then be tapped. But in order to use this process, the bit must be turning more than 3000rpms. This is where the DP-1250VS-HS high-speed drill press comes in.

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The DP-1250VS-HS shares all the exact same features as the DP-1500VS and would be perfect for anybody looking to upgrade their current drill. The DP-1250VS-HS from Baileigh Industrial is a 20” drill press that has a capacity of 1.25” mild steel.  It uses 220 volt, single phase power to run a Delta® inverter. The inverter regulates the amount of power and RPMs to the spindle. Using an inverter to drive its massive MT4 spindle gives the DP-1250VS-HS the ability to set RPMs to an exact speed; from 0rpm to 4000rpm. It also has a reverse function and can tap.

The DP-1250VS-HS uses a heavy-duty cast iron base that has a coolant system built right in. The DP-1250VS-HS also has a 4.5” wide column that was designed to minimise the flex. The worktable has been machined, polished and has T-slots for work-holding devices.

Other features include an MT4 taper and chuck, a spindle safety shield with limit switch and halogen worklight.

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