Drill Press Variable-Speed (DP-1250VS)

Baileigh’s DP-1250VS heavy-duty drill press has a wide column for extra support to reduce flexing during heavy drilling sessions at maximum capacity, at 1.25″ diameter mild steel.

This machine has a powerful inverter-driven head that is controlled through a speed potentiometer dial and digital read out for displaying actual quill RPM.
The base and table are made from a very rigid casting adding to the strength of this 1″ maximum capacity drilling machine.

The inverter driven head allows the machinist or fabricator to run tooling at the proper speed for each drill or tap size available.

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This variable speed drill press uses a heavy #4 morse taper to transfer the power from the spindle to the quill. To further the rigidity, the base and table are made of a heavy casting with very large T-slots to secure vice or material.

The base includes a powerful coolant system that is sprayed out at the quill behind a quality splash and safety guard.

This heavy-duty, variable speed, drill press is commonly in stock for quick shipments. It offers any machinist or fabricator a great value for the investment, so if you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to call.

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