DG210 Allcut Universal Diamond Disc

Iron & Sulphur Free

Universal’ is often a promise tainted by compromise. Universal tools can generally do a bit of everything but nothing really well. Our goal was to design a tool for all regular work on building sites and for all types of material. A genuine multi-purpose tool with no compromises. It has earned its name: ALLCUT

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The ALLCUT allows reliable, fast cutting of many materials with a cool cut. The diamonds are mounted directly on the special core to provide a constantly high cutting power until they are fully worn out. It works highly efficiently on stone thanks to its extremely long life. Its performance on steel makes it the ideal all-rounder. This makes the ALLCUT the ideal tool if the concrete working requirements are not known in advance. Its broad processing and material range also saves tiresome tool changes.

Material Applications

• Concrete products
• Reinforced concrete
• Natural stones
• Building materials
• Steel
• Tiles
• Wood
• Plastics

Product Advantages

• Universal application
• High cutting speed
• Very long lifetime
• High stock removal
• Short cutting times
• Comfortable cutting behaviour
• Efficient
• Easy cutting
• Wet and dry cutting




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