D HEAD Weld Head

The Magnatech D Weld Head is designed to make pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting welds. It is “full function” – with the capability of reproducing all the motions of a skilled welder. The D Weld Head is used for applications with radial and axial clearance constraints. Interchangeable guide rings provide mounting on the pipe, and allow the D Weld Head to cover a broad size range: 25-356mm (1-14”). The D Weld Head improves productivity by increasing duty cycle, reducing repair rates, and producing welds of consistent quality.

Rugged design
Generates high quality welds
Unique tilt AGC option available for socket welding

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  1. USE ON PREHEATED PIPES – Heat-tolerant components and water-cooled housing allows use on alloys requiring preheat.
  2. TORCH OSCILLATION (WEAVE) – Width, speed, and endpoint “dwell” independently programmable. Torch “cross seam” steering electronically controlled using remote pendant. Pulsed current automatically synchronized with torch oscillation.
  3. ARC GAP CONTROL (ARC VOLTAGE CONTROL) – Electronically maintains programmed arc length.
  4. 3-AXIS POSITION ADJUSTMENT FOR FILLER WIRE NOZZLE – Multiple adjustments provide precise positioning of filler wire entry into weld puddle.
  5. COMPACT HEAD-MOUNTED WIRE FEEDER – Accommodates range of wire diameters.
  6. FILLER WIRE SPOOL – Use standard 1kg (2 lbs) spools, or special 0.5 kg (1 lbs) low profile spool to reduce radial profile.
  7. WELD HEAD MOUNTING/ROTATION – Metal guide rings attach head to pipe. Positive sprocket drive system guarantees uniform rotation speed.


Multi-pass orbital GTAW pipe-to-pipe, pipe-to-fitting

Cable length

7.6m (25’) standard. Extension cables available

Pipe (tube) size range

25 – 356mm (1 – 14”)

Filler wire module

Wire size 0.8, 0.9, 1.0mm (0.030”, 0.035”, 0.040”)
Max. speed capability 2540mm/min (100 IPM)
Spool size 1kg (2 lbs) std; 0.5kg (1lb) low profile

Oscillation module

Max. oscillation stroke amplitude 16mm (0.6725”)
Max. oscillation speed 1520mm/min. (60 IPM)
Oscillation dwell 0 – 1 second
Cross seam adjustment ± 6.4mm (0.250”)

Arc gap control module

13mm (0.5”) stroke. Additional mechanical adjustment allows welding heavier wall pipe

Torch propulsion module

250 mm (10 IPM) maximum rotation speed

Water-cooled torch

200 A continuous capability

Torch adjustment capability

Torch lead/lag adjustment ± 15 degrees (manual)
Torch tilt adjustment ± 10 degrees (manual)

Power source compatibility

Pipemaster 515, Pipemaster 516

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