Binzel Welding torch MB GRIP

Binzel Welding torch MB GRIP
The MIG/MAG Torch series “MB GRIP”, in air and liquid cooled varieties is the finest solution of its kind. It combines progressive technology and quality with optimum ergonomics, enabling trouble-free operation for every application.

“GRIP” insert and ball joint in the handle guarantees high grip safety as well as optimal handling. All torches are carefully designed to provide comfortable and precise operation.

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Binzel Welding torch MB GRIP

Arguments speaking for themselves:

  • Ergonomic short handle with “GRIP” insert – for best accessibility
  • “GRIP” soft components on the handle and thumb rest – positive handling even in extreme conditions
  • Short ball joint with optimum movement radius – perfect handling
  • Optimum cooling of the torch – extending torch life
  • Bikox® R air cooled torches – high flexibility even at low temperatures, extremely UV resistant, considerably increased temperature resistance and tensile strength
  • Time saving torch change over due to the ABICOR BINZEL central connector


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