February 25 2020 0Comment

Robots and the welding industry

Robot welding involves specially programmed robots that completely automate the welding process. It is a new application of robotics, and companies are frequently converting to it. According to the International Federation of Robotics, global spending on industrial robots is expected to exceed $24 billion by 2025. One of the leading industries contributing to this growth is the welding industry. Researchers estimate that the robotic welding market to exceed $10 billion market value by 2026.

Amongst the reasons for this growth trend is the accuracy, efficiency and safety associated with the use of highly programmed robots. By using robots alongside humans, industrial businesses can speed production rates, increase accuracy and product quality, and minimise safety risk for their workers.

With these exciting new developments, we can expect to see large-scale beneficial changes to the welding industry in years to come.

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