July 22 2016 0Comment

Hiremasters introduce SAFFRO 420 DIGISTEEL MIG welding machines to their comprehensive hire fleet

Looking to always advance with the latest technological developments Hiremasters have shown they are the leaders in Welding Equipment hire with the investment of SAFFRO 420 DIGISTEEL machines.  The DIGISTEEL 420 offers a new generation of inverter using 30% less primary consumption regarding conventional equipment, saving significant amounts on the energy cost.  It offers a full range of processes including standard MIG/MAG, Pulsed MIG/MAG, Special arc transfer, Gouging etc.…  The top of the range functions including storage of 99 welding programs and parameter locking with a digit code all show the calibre of this machine.

Enquire about the range today call 0151 420 6900 and speak to a member of our team.

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