Maxximize your horizon.

6-times larger field of view compared to standard welding helmets
Fully automated shade level adjustment
True color view
Shade level 2.5 in light state
New energy concept with rechargeable powerpack

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So wide. So light. So true color.

You’ve never seen welding like this before.

With the panoramaxx optrel offers an unprecedented world of viewing for the welder. A nose cut-out in the ADF brings it closer to the eyes and enlarges the field of view 6 times compared to a standard ADF.

Together with a world record light state of 2.5 in inactive mode, the optrel typical true color view as well as the autopilot system, fully automatical recognizing and adjusting the correct shade level, the optrel panoramaxx stands for a maximum of viewing comfort, never seen before at any welding ADF.

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