Optrel P505

Optrel P505
The passive welding helmet.

The passive welding helmet of the new optrel p500 series! The new DIN 11 helmet out of the optrel pro-line meets all sorts of needs: safe protection, comfort and consistent quality make the optrel p505 an optimal working tool for pro and occasional welders.
In addition to the shade level DIN 11 (ex works), passive filters from DIN 8 – 13 are available.

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Optrel P505

Technical Data

Field of vision
90 x 110 mm
Eye protection
Maximum UV and IR protection with optrel passive glasses
Classification according to EN166
1 (optical class)
Classification according to EN175
B (120m/s impact resistance)
Working temperature
-40°C to +130°C
Total weight
485 g
2 years

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