Lincoln Speedtec 200C

The Speedtec 200C is an advanced multi-process model that can be used for CV MIG, FCAW, Synergic MIG, CC Stick, DC Lift TIG, It has large bright (adjustable) colour TFT User Interface that allows easy viewing of welding parameters and easy access to other features and menu’s. The screen uses simple, easy to understand icons rather than traditional text and therfore instructions and commands are clear and easy to understand.

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Key Features

  • Flexible Multi Process Capability – CV MIG, FCAW, Synergic MIG, CC Stick, and DC Lift Tig.
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC)- more welding power, energy and cost savings.
  • User Friendly Operation – Icon control colour TFT Interface screen
  • Superior Arc Performance – CV MIG: Infinitely Variable Voltage control, Wire Feed Speed & Inductance. Stick: Hot Start and Arc Force Control. TIG: Lift TIG avoids Tungsten Contamination


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