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GWS provide a total welding support service to clients ranging from FT100 corporate companies through to small local business owners.

GWS offering advanced Orbital Welding Solutions

gws welding machines for sale

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Working in Partnership with Arc Machines UK Division, General Welding has had an extremely successful start to what we hope to be a long standing relationship that will offer our clients the best possible solutions for their orbital welding needs.

Arc Machines, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes the world’s broadest and most advanced range of automated orbital welding equipment, General Welding is now part of a network of distributors able to offer the Arc Machines product lines.

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  1. Aerospace
  2. Semiconductor
  3. Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology
  4. Nuclear
  5. Power Generation
  6. Shipbuilding
  7. Defense
  8. Oil/Gas Installations
  9. Petrochemical
  1. Fossil
  2. Food/Dairy/Beverage
  3. Brewery
  4. Pulp/Paper
  5. Offshore
  6. Vessel Manufacturing
  7. Wastewater Treatment
  8. Heat Exchanger Manufacturing

Total Support

gws welding supplies

In addition to selling a comprehensive range of welding machines and fume extraction equipment from the leading manufacturers, GWS are a key partner in welding projects. We provide everything from a consultancy service and training through to the hire and service and repair of all welding related machinery. Add to this our express delivery of consumable items from our massive stock lines and you will see why we have developed longstanding customer relationships in industries where high quality and keeping to project timescales is vitally important.

Specialists in Key Business Sectors

gws welding supplies

Here at GWS we support clients operating in key business sectors where reliable proactive suppliers are important in achieving bottom line profit and minimising business risk. We have an in-depth knowledge and operational experience of all aspect of welding in the oil and gas, nuclear, civil engineering, rail and heavy fabrication industries. Demolition and nuclear decommissioning are activities where we are active partners to main and sub-contract firms.

Systems and Processes

gws welding supplies

Our business has been built around supporting your engineering requirements in the field. In addition to our network of area representatives our Widnes based staff will ensure that we deliver what you need when you need it. We operate a corporate account process which fully meets the requirements of private industry and government departments in the UK and across Europe.

A Partner You Can Rely On

gws welding supplies

At General Welding Supplies our focus is on providing an excellent service to our Clients. We have since 1982 developed our business in order to give comprehensive support to our Clients in all welding related matters. We deliver informed solutions to all welding issues. Contact GWS today to discuss your upcoming projects or to obtain a competitive quotation.

Welding Supply Specialists

gws welding supplies

Call us on 0151 420 6900

gws welding supplies
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welding supplies and equipment
welding supplies and equipment
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welding supplies and equipment